The Palladium Club

Bideford Palladium is, at its heart and soul a music venue. I spent many a Tuesday evening down there when I was younger, playing pool with friends, one of them even became my boss, but it is so much more than that. Did you know there is a fully soundproofed practice/recording area, there are music lessons held there, there is even a green room for bands to relax before and after a gig but Ben has big plans to take things to the next level. 

I always have had fond memories of The Palladium, being into the heavier, grungier music there isn’t many places for someone in a small town to go without being ridiculed or judged so The Pally was great for me and my “alternative” friends and that has only got better with a new sound system that rivals anything else locally. That is just one of the many things Ben is doing to improve local music. 

Here For The Music

Ben has been absolutely paramount in the creation and organising of Here For The Music, which has artist such as Newton Faulkner and Samantics (who is my personal favourite of the line-up) playing there but even that is just the tip of the ice berg for what Here For The Music is really about. The idea is to create a local music festival for local people with local sponsors and really create a community based around the music. 

There will be more than just music being played, you will be able to participate in things such as songwriting sessions, blacksmith introduction lessons and there will be local vendors to try/buy things from, I have seen Northsore Distillery and Countrylife Brewery announced so far and I am sure there will be more things announced later on.

"Did you know that a large portion of the attendees from the last Festival came from Bristol and some even further afield?"
Ben Nigh

Also, what I also think is really good, is it is being held at The Big Sheep which is close enough for people to get to but also far enough away as to not bother too many people, it truly is a win win. 

To help promote this great event we will be doing a couple of articles in the lead up to the event and we will also be giving away a pair of tickets too, so keep your eyes peeled for that as it will be coming very soon!

If you can’t wait and would like to buy tickets in advanced you can do so here

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